Good afternoon lovely readers!

Today, I’m sharing this delicious no-churn Peach and Raspberry Ice Cream on Reasons To Skip The Housework!

With some double cream and condensed milk, you too could have soft, sweet, creamy ice cream with no mixer, with vanilla, peaches and raspberries what could be more delicious on a hot Summer’s day!?

Head on over to get the recipe!

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A delicious Italian salad with homemade croutons, slow roasted tomatoes and diced prosciutto. A little extra work with the homemade croutons and tomatoes really finishes this salad off, the Italian version of the favourite BLT!

Italian BLT Salad

A slight change in my normal posting schedule this week because it’s time for the Secret Recipe Club reveal day!

This month, my assignment was Christina’s blog, Mele Cotte. I headed straight to the “Scoop” and learned that even though her own culinary adventure didn’t start until her twenties, she has always been surrounded by good, Italian food!

Christina also says that she finds baking a good stress reliever, which I totally agree with! If there’s a lot going on, then you can bet anything I’ll be in the kitchen baking something up!

So, onto food… Continue reading

Beyond the Kitchen Logo

Happy Friday friends!

It’s been a pretty hard week for me, health wise, which has meant it’s been pretty quiet. I’ve just been plodding round the house, baking and writing recipes. I’ve had more bad days than good this week and I’m trying really hard to stay positive, but it’s so hard when every day I feel ill and am in pain :(

I like to think I’m a pretty positive person, but being ill all the time is definitely draining. I could possibly be at the start of a really long journey to find out what’s wrong with my tummy, I need to find the strength to keep going on. I want answers quickly, but I’m just not sure they’ll be that easy to find. Continue reading

Have some cookies laying around which need “jazzing” up? With 2 more ingredients you can have these Banoffee Sandwich Cookies! Fresh banana, toffee and chocolate chip cookies = gooey, chocolatey heaven!

Banoffee Sandwich Cookies

I’m going to come right out and say that I made a mistake when I was making these…

I ummed and erred about whether or not to post them and finally decided I should, because I redid them and they worked much better, so I’ve put the new way into the recipe instructions!

And… I was quite happy with the styling of the photos. I know that’s not reason to post something, but for me styling is the hardest thing, I totally don’t get it sometimes, so I’m really glad they worked when I made them again!

Fear not, us food bloggers are human and make mistakes too!

I had how these would look and taste really clearly in my head. I’d mash the banana, mix with a little toffee and get right to sandwiching that goodness together… simple right? Continue reading

A soft and tender mango loaf cake given an extra zing with a fresh passion fruit glaze. Easy to make and the ideal crowd-pleaser. It’s also perfect with your afternoon tea!

Mango Loaf Cake with Passion Fruit Glaze

I’m a little funny when it comes to mango.

When it comes to fruit, I love them whole, not messed about and not artificial, berries, apples, bananas… anything. Except mango it seems.

I really don’t like fresh mango, I’ve tried it many times, my boyfriend adores it and has repeatedly tried to get me to eat it, but I just don’t like it and I can’t even put my finger on why!

However, mango juice, purée, pulp, that’s a whole different story! I totally don’t get myself sometimes. Continue reading

Strawberry and Blueberry Iced Tea

Hi guys, today I’m guest posting over at Simply Sweet Home!

Jerri asked me to contribute to her Summer themed recipes a while back and I just had to agree! I decided to make this simple and refreshing Strawberry and Blueberry Iced Tea.

Minus the chilling time, it takes hardly any prep work and still allows you to get your caffeine fix in the heat of Summer!

To get the recipe, click here.

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