June 2021 Beauty Favourites

Hiya everyone, hope you’re having a good week. I can’t believe it’s July already, but that means it’s time to share my June 2021 Beauty Favourites! I know this is the second beauty post this week, but I have to admit my partially dislocated wrist is really bothering me. More so than any other time I’ve dealt with a subluxation of the joint. I’m used to it popping in and out numerous times a day. However, I injured it a few weeks ago. Since then it’s been swollen, more painful than ever and it hasn’t been clicking back in like it normally does.

I have exercises from the physio, but until it pops back in I can’t do many of them. It’s pretty frustrating and I haven’t been able to bake or really do much with my hands. If I lift anything or stir, press down to cut something, squeeze a piping bag… all of it is agony. So, to ensure I’m still getting content out, I’m having to do more beauty posts. I’m able to take photos one handed and edit them. I can type with a little pain, but it’s tolerable. Hopefully it will improve soon as I don’t really know what else I can do!

Anyway, let’s get into my June 2021 Beauty Favourites. I have a new foundation love and am still as obsessed with blush as ever!

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I’ve mentioned this primer quite a few times, but I’m fully back on the hype train now. As I test so many products, I find new primers I love. The Dior Forever one is really good. However, my skin has been a bit dull and flaky recently, so I found myself going back to the Estee Lauder one again. It’s just so lightweight, hydrating and keeps your makeup look flawless all day!

I haven’t found a single one of the foundations in my (let’s be honest vast) collection that doesn’t work with this primer. It’s amazing and may be my favourite primer of all time. It feels refreshing when you apply it, never pills up, it’s not sticky, doesn’t leave a tacky finish and rubs in super quickly. Your skin has a light glow and is hydrated and perfected for foundation/skin tint application. I’m more than half way through my tube and I will definitely be purchasing this primer again. I can’t live without it!


I sort of don’t want to mention this product as it’s not easy to get in the UK! However, every so often it will ship from Amazon (that’s where I got mine). There’s also a seller on Ebay who I’ve used for a couple of years and she’s really good.

I’ve wanted to try this foundation since it came out as I’ve seen so many people rave about it. I hoped we would get it here, but it’s been over a year now and it’s still not available here, so I guess we’re not getting it!

This is part of L’Oreal’s “mature” range, but I don’t believe you have to be more mature to wear this. It’s hydrating, but the finish is a natural matte. The coverage is buidable, you can sheer it out or get it to be quite full. It is long wearing, I can get 12-14 hours before it starts to look a little noticeable on the skin. There’s no clinging to dry patches or emphasising texture and it doesn’t make me super oily. It’s really a beautiful and affordable foundation! I think it performs just as well as some of my higher end foundations and I just wish you could get it everywhere in the UK!

For a drugstore foundation, it has a pretty good shade range, there are 30. I do wish the palest shade was slightly paler, but I can still wear it. There are more light/tan shades than pale and deep, but I do still think the range is pretty good.


I reviewed the Lisa Eldridge Sping/Summer 2021 Collection the other week and the love affair with this blush continues. It’s so easy to wear, lasts all day without budging and looks stunning on the skin. It really is seamless. Never emphasises texture and doesn’t really transfer either.

If cream or liquid blushes scare you then don’t be put off by this being in a tube. I used to be so scared of cream blush, but this formula is buildable and very easy to work with. You can apply it with your fingers or a brush and I find it so effortless. Almost like you just woke up like that!

I am so excited for the restock because I NEED more shades. You also need such a small amount of product that it will last for agggges!


Although I am well and truly on a cream blush kick right now, when I heard that Pat McGrath was releasing blushes I knew I would be buying them. I reviewed and swatched all of the shades I purchased here. But, Nude Venus has become my favourite shade. I thought it would be Fleurtacious as it’s such an easy to wear nude pink. However, Nude Venus is a peachy light pink and it just brings your cheeks to life. I am SO in love with it!

This formula… oh my goodness you should run to check these out. They just launched at Selfridge’s in the UK, so you don’t have to order them from Pat’s site anymore. The formula is buildable, easy to blend and super long wearing. Probably the most long wearing powder blush I own. There’s something magic in these blushes man. They just make you look flawless, healthy, radiant and they’re SO easy to apply.

Even some of the darker shades sheered out look great on my very fair skin. There are 9 shades in the collection and I bought 6. I’m still tempted to buy Electric Bloom as it’s a coral and I ADORE coral blush. However, it does look scarily bright in the pan. I know all the other colours sheer out and look stunning, so I don’t know why I’m questioning buying a bright shade!


Yes, another blush. I do apologise, I’m a blush addict. I just feel like it totally elevates your face. Especially with me being so pale, a wash of colour over the cheeks makes me look alive. This is the first product from Honest Beauty I’ve tried and I must say, I’m impressed!

This has a very balmy consistency, when you dip a finger in you think “oooh is this going to be a tacky mess on my face?” – but no. It’s not, somehow it manages to still look dewy, but also set down a bit. I’ve never had my hair stuck to my face when wearing this, even though it’s a thicker formula more akin to a tinted lip balm. It also reminds me of the Milani Cheek Kiss blushes. They too are very balmy, but both formulas are amazing, long wearing and gorgeous on the skin.

I like to apply this blush in a stippling motion with a dense brush. I don’t buff or rub. It doesn’t lift my foundation and there are no harsh lines, it’s really easy to blend in. I love this shade so much, I just ordered Peony Pink this morning!


Another of my June 2021 Beauty Favourites is from Lisa Eldridge! This is the first time I’ve tried one of her lipsticks and this formula is gorgeous. You can go from a sheer wash of colour to full opacity in a couple of swipes. I love a versatile lip formula. This shade is a pinky brown and is perfect for every day wear. I definitely want more shades of this formula because it’s lovely.

The packaging is also really beautiful. It feels nicely weighted and is brushed gold on the outside and shiny where the bullet is.

I’m here for any nudey pink/brown shade. Ask my husband and he’ll tell you all my lipsticks are the same (I do have some corals, so I don’t agree). BUT, I do have A LOT of nude lipsticks. They’re my absolute favourite as I like everyday, easy makeup.

There we have it, my June 2021 Beauty Favourites. Some products I’ve fallen back in love with, but plenty of new this month! I already have quite a few new products that have arrived in the last week or so, so I’ll be testing them throughout July!

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