The Best Way To Treat Yourself

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As a hard-working woman, you will always put yourself behind everything else. With all the to-do lists, the children, the family, the dinner and the chores etc. However, as the supporting pillar of your family, you need to treat yourself more than once in a while because you will soon start to crumble. We are talking about more than a shower or a once in blue moon trip to the hairdresser. We are talking about spa days.

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Where to start

When looking to book a spa day, it can be a daunting experience. There are so many different treatments to choose from. They all have different benefits (it’s hard to choose when you know you will benefit from them all!) and the prices and timings range quite dramatically. If you’re not a regular spa-goer and aren’t used to taking the time to treat yourself, choosing a full body massage is probably going to be quite an uncomfortable experience.

It’s recommended to ease yourself into treatments gently. Maybe have a manicure or pedicures as these treatments are relatively inexpensive, but a good way to treat yourself. If you’re at the spa for the whole day, you can still use spa equipment, such as Jacuzzis or hot tubs once you’ve had your treatment. It is also a takeaway from the day, as your nails will last once they’ve been done. 

Also important when looking for a spa, you need to think of the demographic of the clients that use the spa. You can go to a no expenses barred spa, where the clientele are there most days of the week spending huge amounts of money on Champagne. Or you may want to choose a spa where you feel like you are attending for a treat, like many other clients there. Usually, these types of spa make you feel more welcome and allow you to relax as you don’t feel out of your depth.

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How do I know if it’s a nice spa?

The best way to find out is to look at reviews online. That is the simplest way for you to know if a spa is nice. Now, nice is a general word. We would suggest you look at levels of cleanliness, staff attentiveness, staff training and pricing in regards to spa recommendations. If you are expecting top-level spa treatments, you have to expect to pay the price. Usually, these treatments involve expensive products and take a good deal of time. Most spa technicians are self-employed and have to pay a kind of rent to the spa owners for using their rooms. So, if you do want a bigger treatment make sure you’re willing to pay for the service you will be getting.

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Just jump in?

For those of you who don’t regularly treat yourself to a spa trip, the best way to get the most from your spa experience is to just jump in. Spas usually circulate around a pool or jacuzzi with treatment rooms off of the main area. A good place to start is Mitchell’s Beauty Salon. You will find so much information on the site to help you plan your first indulgent spa day. 

There’s nothing worse than going to a spa and coming away regretting that you didn’t take part in an activity you wanted. This can be anything from having the confidence to use the jacuzzi, not being sure whether you can enter the steam room when somebody else is in there, to simply leaving before you are finished. In a spa, you will usually be in your swimming costume, bikini or trunks. If it’s the first time you’re going somewhere being that exposed you are likely to feel self-conscious.

The thing with spa is that nobody is actually looking at you, which is hard to believe. But, people are so concerned with relaxing they don’t notice anybody else around them.  Many people fall asleep in spas because it’s so relaxing and therefore the same reason why you should try not to feel judged.

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What to take?

When you go to a spa, it can be by daunting not knowing what to take or what you will need. The first thing to do when booking is to double-check if there are going to be dressing gowns and slippers provided.

You don’t want to have to worry about getting dressed halfway through the day to go and have lunch. Then have to get back into wet clothes to go back into the spa. The same goes with towels. Just a quick call to the spa maybe the day before. Just to double-check that these items are available free of charge when using this spa.

Obviously, you will need some sort of swimwear if you’re going to use facilities such as a pool, jacuzzi or sauna. However, one should last the whole day. You shouldn’t need to take a water bottle or lunch unless you don’t want to have lunch there. The food at spas is incredible and just what you need to tie you through to the end of your spa trip. There is usually water provided, but with really refreshing slices of lemon and oranges which makes it feel special.

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Your trip

If you are going to a spa where you pay for entry and there is no time limit on how long you spend there. Go early on in the day. This is so you can get your money’s worth and have the maximum time relaxing before you have to leave. The luxury is no one will come and tell you have overstayed your welcome. Unless there is a time limit on the spa, and be prepared to nap! 

Spas are usually warm enough for you to just walk around in your swimming costume. When feeling relaxed and there’s calming music in the background, you will probably drop off.  Sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. You will leave feeling refreshed and cleansed and ready to face the world again after your trip.

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